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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 37 - Love and Death

Tebryn's notes


Yol casts cure critical on Kress for 23.
Yol casts empowered cure serious on Tebryn for 27.
Yol examines Brianna and confirms that she is dead.

Yol casts empowered cure moderate on Kress for 32.
Yol casts empowered cure moderate on Kress for 25.

Tebryn scryes Hazen and sees him frolicing on a mountainside.

We discuss how to get him back. Tebryn says that only a plane shift will get him back and that is unreliable.

Tebryn explains how Liches work. Phylacteries and such. He says that the Lich will reform in a few weeks and come after us.

"No worries, Veracity," says Yol. "Just because you struck the killing blow."

Yol turns Paelinn into a new Spectre, now that she's lost Khumarr and Cabrath. She suggests that she could do the same to Brianna. Veracity heatedly rejects this idea.

We camp. Nothing happens.

Yol casts raise dead on Brianna while Veracity holds her in her arms.

"I am so cold," says Brianna. She looks around. "We got out of trouble, I guess." She shivers. "I'm cold!" She cuddles with Veracity.

Yol casts restoration on Kress.

Brianna uses 19 charges from her wand of cure white loons and restores her health.

Tebryn casts analyze dweomer on the Lich's possessions.

ring of protection +3
staff of frost (20) (Yol)
ring of counterspells
ring of fire resistance (Veracity)
bracers of armor +2
hand of Kiaranalee's glory casts deeper darkness (substituted out), see invisibility, chill touch, ray of enfeeblement, spectral hand (Veracity)
robe of gentle repose (Yol)

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