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The Chronicles of Veracity

I started this document in the summer of 2002. I put it on hold in the fall when we decided to move to D&D V3 and spent my efforts rewriting my spell database program to handle V3 spells. But, here, at least, is the introductory page.

This is the tale of Veracity the dark elf. Bards have sung of her famous - or infamous - deeds across the planes. Veracity, Vecna's Bane, Mistress of Pain. Many are the cold, calculating and subtle dark elves, but she is hot, impulsive, and passionate.

At swanky parties in Sigil, when Veracity walks in, heads turn and hearts race. Many a young gallant has approached this intriguing newcomer, with her long gown and dangly ear-rings, delicately scented and alluring to all the senses, only to have his hopes dashed as she herself pursued some other appealing young female. He can always commiserate with that young woman's other suitors, at least.

It's just not fair.

But those who judge her only on her social charms make a big mistake, for she is deadly and experienced.

Although she is slight and slender, only 5'2" inches tall, she has great, wiry strength, and astoundingly fast reflexes, able to pluck a fly from the air in front of her, as she balances on a narrow ledge. Her mind is no less quick than her body: she is able to observe events and then calculate and reason with what she's seen and correlate it with her substantial accumulation of knowledge.

Her appearance is striking and exotic. A flowing silvery mane of hair surrounds a beautiful face. Deep green eyes gaze perceptively at you. Her skin is jet black and smooth. Her body is shapely and well proportioned. Those who meet her tend to be quite taken by her charms and will listen to her and follow her lead. Even those who are not initially favorable to her often seem to fall under her charm and take her suggestion, even to the point of domination, on occasion, as if by magic.

Her weaknesses fall primarily in the realm of moral character and self-control. She'll decide what she wants and go after it relentlessly, heedless of the desires of others. She sometimes chooses a course of action and impulsively follows it, even if it is contrary to her own best interests. She is sensual and hedonistic to a fault. And, she is cruel and sadistic, delighting in giving pain to others, and seemingly willingly accepting it herself. Any relationship she enters into is never based on equality: somebody will be dominant, and it will almost always be her on top.

While traveling, she'll wear breeches and a laced blouse, with high soft boots and a cloak. She never wears armor, although she has elaborately decorated bracers on her arms. She carries a long sword at one side and a peculiar looking short sword at the other. A multi-thonged barbed whip or scourge will be coiled at her belt, which also has a collection of pouches containing numerous small items. With her long bow slung on her back, she looks dangerous and ready for anything.

At home in the cities of Sigil and Mansfield, she will not carry as many weapons openly: perhaps just her short sword and scourge, with a dagger in her boot. At social events, she can and will dress in traditional feminine attire.

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