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The Brief Chronicles of Veracity - Chapter 1

Veracity was born on 2858. in the Underdark of the world Dargas. Her childhood was difficult. Young female drow of high birth or magical talent were expected to train for Lolth's priesthood. But Veracity, like her mother before her, felt no call towards that role but was drawn to the arcane arts of wizardry: the province of drow males. That alone would have made her life difficult. Unlike her mother before her, Veracity had no subtlety at all and made no attempt to fit in with her peers. She made many enemies among them through her outspoken derision. Her speech caused her grief in other ways, as well: like all drow, even as an adolescent, Veracity engaged herself in plots and power struggles. Unlike other drow, she seemed to embrace her name by openly admitting to her treacheries.

One day, when Veracity was in her mid nineties, her mother left the city on an expedition to the surface. Veracity's enemies seized the opportunity to mercilessly harass her. After her mother had been gone a month, a plot came to fruition and Veracity was seized by the priestesses of Lolth on trumped-up charges and imprisoned, awaiting the return of her mother. Her confinement was not comfortable: she was tortured daily, only to be healed in preparation for the next day's session.

Her mother returned a month later accompanied by, of all things, a human male - a mage. The two were seized and dragged to the dungeon of the hostile House that was holding Veracity, but their magical prowess prevailed and they overpowered their captors. They freed Veracity, and the three fled the city and made their way back to the surface, eventually arriving in Mansfield, a cosmopolitan city in Anglia, known for its tolerance.

There, Veracity found that her mother's companion had left his son, a toddler named Nick, in the care of a nanny. Uncomfortable as the surface was, Veracity and her mother settled into the small house and laid low for several years. A year after their arrival, her mother gave birth to a half-drow male, whom she named Knack.

Young humans mature quickly. Within ten years, the two boys were studying magic with their parents. Veracity kept current in magic but also studied the way of the sword: never again would she be caught defenseless, whether or not her magic was exhausted for the day.

Seventeen years after Veracity arrived in Mansfield, her mother went on an expedition back to the Underdark, accompanied by her partner, promising to take their children adventuring with them when they returned. Several months passed and then several more, but the elder mages never returned. The three youthful siblings, having completed their apprenticeships, fidgeted in boredom and decided to start their own adventuring careers.

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