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Torin Truehart

Torin Truehart, Cleric 11 of Arianrhod.

At a very young age odd things seemed to begin happening around Torin. He never seemed to get sick or if he did he recovered amazingly quickly. When he was young his pets always seemed to live for amazingly long times. As he became older his family seemed to be blessed with good health. During his youth his mother contracted a fatal ailment and the local clerics were unable to help her. In the presence of a cleric of Dian Cecht Torin held his mothers face in his hands and with tears in his eyes shouted "You will not die!". The cleric of Dian Cecht felt holy energy surge through Torin and when he examined Torin's mother she was resting in a deep sleep and was cured. This was the first indication that anyone had that Torin's magical inclinations were more in the divine realm.

Torin was sent to learn under the order of Dian Cecht but was constantly in trouble. He was always bending the rules and seemed more intent on satisfying his curiosities then on applying himself to his studies. He would often spend nights out wandering under the stars and then falling asleep in class the next day.

During this time Torin also began to develop an interest in herbology and wild plants and as he spent much of his time up and about at night he found himself learning more and more about nocturnal herbs and plants.

In the last few years Torin started expressing desire to travel and he felt the need to learn more about Arianrhod. As he learned more about Arianrhod he started thinking about trying to find Caer Sidi or perhaps one day seeing Arianrhod when she journeyed out to oversee the comings and goings of the tide.

Torin is very self confident and very hard to insult or provoke. He is not stupid, he is just very self confident.

Torin is always one of the first to offer help for anyone or anything he feels is in need of help. However, he does not like and will not help rude, offensive or otherwise evil creatures.

Torin does not forget once someone has shown themselves to be either a friend or a foe.

Finally Torin was told by the headmaster at the Dian Cecht monastary to get serious about his religious studies or move on to something else. So Torin admitted that his heart belongs to Arianrhod and he set out to see what the greater world, and Arianrhod, had in store for him.

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