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Carric Dendreu

Carric Dendreu, Druid 11

Carric grew up in a small village bordering the woods not far from the Rowansmeade. He was a thin agile kid, sensible and smart, who got along well with others. Like his mother he has platinum hair and intense emerald eyes. He travels into the city frequently to visit his grandmother, but finds the city disquieting, unclean, foul-odored, noisy, and unsavory. However, he is generally fond of its people and is mostly amused by their brashness and bustle.

He is the eldest of four children. His father is a human Ranger. There were a number of woodsmen, Rangers and Druids on his father's side of the family. His mother, an Aasimar, serves as the village healer. His mother's mother, who lives in the city, is an Aasimar Paladin, but is now retired.

As a young boy, his father would often take him on his non-adventuring, safer travels, where he learned tracking, survival, and animal handling. When an older teen, he traveled along with his father and his father's adventuring party as far as an Elven community that served as their base during a year-long adventure. While the party was off on the adventure, he lived with the Elves, learned Elven and Sylvan, and found that he had some talent serving as a go-between in some mild disputes and misunderstandings between the Elves and nearby encroaching rural villages.

From his father, as well as from the Elves, he heard of places of great natural beauty; from his grandmother, he heard of important sacred sites. Thus he felt drawn to travel to some of these places.

While wandering, he met up with some Druids that were about to build a site of standing stones. He was recruited and spent a year helping with construction while training to be a druid. He picked up a little stonemasonry, but mostly was a worker - clearing the site, fashioning logs to move the stones, and performing all but the heavy jobs. Before the construction, he was wiry and a bit of a weakling, but after he finished working on the site, he had a more normal build.

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