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Tarrastra Adventures

Active Player Characters
Name Sex Race Alignment Classes Notes
Brother Yoshi Male Human Lawful Good Monk 11 Follower of Núadu
Caelesti Female Feytouched Chaotic Good Rogue 1/Sorceress 9 Follower of Arianrhod
Carric Dendreu Male Sub-Aasimar Neutral Good Druid 11 Follower of Belenus
Talon Female Human Neutral Bard 10/Dragon Disciple 1 Follower of Oghma

Inactive Player Characters
Name Sex Race Alignment Classes Notes
Lady Lyonessey "Nessey" Lavena Rowane Female Aasimar Chaotic Good Aristocrat 1/Swashbuckler 2/Barbarian 2/Ranger 3 Follower of Oghma

Companion Non-Player Characters
Name Sex Race Alignment Classes Notes
Grimble Male Pixie ? ?  
Mavis Female Doppelganger Neutral Rogue 5 Follower of Lugh
Siobhan Female Human ? Bard Follower of Oghma
Torin Truehart Male Elf Chaotic Good Cleric 11 Follower of Arianrhod
Mongo Male Dwarf Lawful Neutral Fighter 9 Rescued from dungeon of Hill Giant Steading

The Dramatis Personae lists other NPCs that the PCs have met.

The Dramatis Loci lists all the places that the PCs have visited.

A list of Portals that the PCs have found.

Murdocki gave the party a portal map tracing a round trip via six Fey Crossroads.

The party recently traveled through the land of the True Game. The map shows many of the places they have visited there.

The party is now working their way through the classic Gary Gygax modules G1-3 (at least). They have completed The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief and are about to enter The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl. The Player's Map shows the vicinity.

All of the adventure logs are available for perusal.

The party has found many potions and has finally figured out that each kind of potion is almost always made using the same recipe and therefore looks and smells like every other potion of the same sort.

Undistributed Loot

item source value

Garnered Wisdom

Here are the things that the party has learned - the hard way, usually.

  • Carric: If you are mischieveous with the ladies, you have to sleep on the wet swamp floor. But then if you get really injured, you get the hammock.
  • Talon: The most valuable food stuff for winning friends in foreign places are frosted cakes. Never be without at least a dozen.
  • Caelesti: It's not wise to dance around nude in front of Satyrs.


Here are the things that the party has found but not yet "solved". They may or may not be significant, but they do constitute "unfinished business".

  • There is a magical portal in the hidden temple of Cerridwen, under the tomb in the cemetery out the north gate of Rowansmeade. How do you activate it? Where does it go?
  • Why did Meaghan and her thugs try to kidnap Nessey? She dropped a note asking for ransom, and later fingered Corum Trimble as the fellow who was to collect the ransom, but what was this all about? She's associated with Fiona, a priestess of Cerridwen, who is associated with Old Nell. Do those two have anything to do with the kidnaping? And why were the two thugs that Meaghan had recruited released from custody so quickly?
  • When the party traveled on the north road from Rowansmeade, they found that an apparent "double" of Nessey had been seen in the Golden Cockerel, the inn one day's journey north of the city. She had departed in the company of a man, possibly Corum Trimble, although his description did not agree with Meaghan's, heading north. What's this about?
  • Old Nell led a ritual at midnight at some standing stones atop a hill in Oakrill. A "star" fell from the Bane Moon and seemed to land somewhere to the south. Later, Old Nell was overheard commenting that "the messenger has arrived." What's up?
  • Who were the man and woman who attacked our camp before we first met Gareth and Mavis? The time of Corum's arrival back at Meadowbrook allows for him to be one of the attackers. Was he?
  • Who is the tall man (mage) who left Corum's house with the bundle? What was in the bundle that he sold/gave to the people across the river (contraband, kidnap victim or, what he said it was, a rug)? Who are these river people? What is their "business" relationship, if any, to Corum? Who is Corum's wife/sister and what is her role in all this? There was a servant at Corum's house. Where is he? Where are Corum and the woman now? Does anyone else in town associate with them? We might want to question their neighbors about them and about any odd sights, sounds, etc. either recent or over the years. The tall man headed South. Where is he going?
  • What happened when the mage disappeared and how did Corum acquire his house? Is there someone who functions as a town clerk, who we can ask? Should we report the basement wall manacles to anyone?
  • What about that big metal egg? It landed, filled with fluid, and a clothed man-sized creature with bird-like (or lizard-like ) feet stepped out and disappeared. Where did it come from, who was the creature, and where did it go?

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