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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 9 - The Sacred Pool

Uktar 6, 1372 DR (9:45 AM) Deep Wastes: Lake of Shadows

Kress shoves against the door. He pushes one of them open and walks in. Seeing the four kuo-toans standing before him holding hands, he stops and speaks. "Greetings, friends!" he says in Undercommon.

CRACK goes the bolt of lightning, leaping forth from the largest priestess and singeing Kress. "Ouch!" says Kress. "Hey!"

Igor sighs. "Sounds like they didn't receive a friendly reception. No surprise there," he says sarcastically

Veracity moves into the room past Kress and steps up to one of them. She strikes it with the Sword of Kas. Igor sighs. "Sounds like they didn't receive a friendly reception," he says. He flies down, drawing his greatsword, and hovers directly behind the priestess Veracity had just struck, and slashes it powerfully. Yol moves to hide behind the closed double door. Brianna steps up into the open door and starts to sing a rousing song to inspire her friends. Kress swings his sword at the same kuo-toan that Veracity and Igor had struck, killing it with a single slash. He steps to the side and swings wildly at the next cleric, missing her twice. Hazen flies down from the balcony and lands behind the largest cleric, who whips around to face him. Hazen stabs her with his dagger, doing minor damage. Tebryn chuckles and rubs his hands together. "If this doesn't break the nerve of those fish-men, I don't know what will!" He pulls a scroll out of his backpack, steps up to the railing, and looks down.

The largest cleric guardedly mutters a short prayer and a column of flame descends, directly onto Hazen - or, so she intended. The gray dwarf nimbly dodges to the side and is completely unharmed. She glares with hatred at her foe. The cleric in front of Kress mutters and touches him. He shudders, but shrugs off the foul magic. The last remaining cleric starts to conjure a spell, but both Veracity and Igor alertly strike it with their swords, completely blowing its concentration.

Veracity strikes the cleric twice more with the Sword of Kas and kills her. Igor moves slightly to the side and slashes at Kress's foe three times, connecting only once. Kress slashes the cleric, diverting its attention from Igor, who adroitly slashes her himself. Kress strikes twice more, finally felling his foe on his last strike. Hazen flails three times at the final priestess with his dagger, stabbing her once. Tebryn reads his scroll and the water in the pool sinks away. "Yes!" he exclaims, pumping his fist in the air. "So much for your Sacred Pool, fools!" he calls in Undercommon.

The Kuotoan looks with despair at the pool and back at the intent group of foes surrounding her. Grimly, she conjures another spell, slightly afflicting Igor, Hazen, and Kress with her unholy blight.

Veracity walks up to the edge of the pool and looks down. She sees water, twenty-two feet down. "This is deep!" she comments.

Igor steps up behind the last cleric, directly opposite from Hazen. He slashes her twice with his greatsword, and she falls.

As Veracity continues to look into the pool, Tebryn comes downstairs and the others loot the bodies. All four priestesses had magical pincer staffs. Each lesser cleric also had magical scale mail and a ring, as well as a nice non-magical platinum ring. The big priestess had a magical breastplate, three javelins, and a cloak. Tebryn stows all the equipment in his portable hole and joins Veracity in looking down into the pool. He points.

"Look!" he says. Veracity stares. "I see nothing," she responds. "It must be invisible," responds her brother. "It was the model for that statue out front. Lots of teeth, spines down its back, and glowing green eyes. It stared at me and went swimming into another cavern."

"Let's get it!" says Veracity.

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