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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 33 -


Brianna casts cure serious for Kress and gives him a full 14 points.
Yol casts cure moderate for Kress and gives him 18 points.

Tebryn casts fly upon himself.
Veracity uses her wand of fly to bestow fly upon herself, Brianna, and Yol.
Hazen, Kress, and Igor can fly (un)naturally

Tebryn casts invisibility upon himself.
Brianna uses her wand of invisibility to bestow invisibility upon herself, Kress, and Yol.
Yol casts invisibility upon Khumarr.
Hazen, Igor, and Veracity can use invisibility (un)naturally.

Tebryn casts see invisibility upon himself.

We are veiled as before:

Drow Cleric of Kiaransalee for Veracity
Drow Ranger for Brianna
Drow Ranger for Tebryn
Abyssal Ghoul for Igor - especially large with an especially long tongue
Abyssal Ghoul for Kress
Abyssal Ghoul for Hazen
Abyssal Ghoul for Yol dripping blood from claws and teeth
Khumar is himself as his old corporeal self.

We fly back to the Observation room. We enter as before. We go up the stairs to Khumarr's old suite. We go through the double doors, down the hall, through more double doors, into the room with the inert Jade Spider.

Igor harvests all the pieces of Jade using his longtooth dagger.

We climb the stairs.

Igor is in the lead, followed by Veracity.

When they reach the top of the stairs, they see a pack of Abyssal Ghouls. One of them looks at Igor (veiled as another Abyssal Ghoul) and says "greetings, brother," in Abyssal.

Igor doesn't understand, so Veracity speaks. "Greetings. We are on a mission for Kiaransalee."

We all enter the room. One of the ghouls looks at Veracity and asks "Why did you not take the shaft?"

"We heard noises on the stairs," says Veracity.

"Ah, very good," says the ghoul. "We heard nothing."

Igor reaches back and lowly draws out his greatsword and strikes at the leader.

Hazen 28 Veracity 22 Yol 19 Tebryn 12 Khumarr 10 Igor 9 Brianna 8 Kress 8

Tebryn casts haste on his party.
Igor steps to make himself surrounded and strikes for 39 points.
Abyssal Ghoul 4 moves.
Kress moves in, drawing his battle axe.
Abyssal Ghoul 1 claws him.
Brianna starts to sing an inspiring song about the defeat of undead

Hazen moves up, drawing his new short sword and stabs Abyssal Ghoul 1 for 8 points. Igor takes the opportunity to miss it.
Abyssal Ghoul 2 claws at Igor for a miss, miss, miss, and 6 points.
Abyssal Ghoul 3 claws at Igor for 10, 10, miss, 8.
Abyssal Ghoul springs forward to attack Kress for 9 and back 5 feet.
Veracity moves up drawing her swords. The Sword of Kas casts shield upon her. She strikes Abyssal Ghoul 4 for 12 points.
Yol attempts to rebuke the foul undead creatures. Abyssal Ghoul 1 cowers in awe at her feet.
Tebryn sends magic missiles into Abyssal Ghoul 4 for 14 points.
Igor strikes Abyssal Ghoul 4 for 26, miss, 34, 32. It falls. Igor cleaves to hit Abyssal Ghoul 3 for 28.
Abyssal Ghoul 3 steps 5 feet and claws Igor, miss, miss, miss, miss.
Brianna continues to sing. Kress steps 5 feet and swings at Abyssal Ghoul 3, miss, miss, miss, miss.

Hazen moves to stab at Abyssal Ghoul 5, missing
Abyssal Ghoul 2 claws Igor, miss, 9, 9, miss.
Abyssal Ghoul 5 moves to flank Kress. He hits for 9, 9, and attempts to grab him. Kress strikes him with his battleaxe and does 14 points of damage. The Ghoul claws at him with his rear claws, missing and missing.
Veracity steps up to attack Abyssal Ghoul 5. She swings the Sword of Kas for 16. Hazen takes the opportunity to stab it for 13 points. Veracity hits again for 15, miss, and another hit for 17. She swings her lifestealer, hitting for 13, and 12. The Abyssal Ghoul falls.
Yol sends a ray of disruption against Abyssal Ghoul 4 for 5 points.
Tebryn cheers.
Khumar delays
Igor strikes Abyssal Ghoul 2 for (some damage) and misses three times.
Abyssal Ghoul 3 claws at Igor 9, 9, and fails to grab him. It claws with rear claws for 11 and misses.
Brianna sings
Kress hits Abyssal Ghoul 3 for 14, Igor opportunistically hits it for 33. Kress hits again for 18. He cleaves through to hit Abyssal Ghoul 2 for 15, misses, and hits it for 16 points.

Hazen steps up to Abyssal Ghoul 1 and starts stabbing him for 10, 10, miss, and 14.
Abyssal Ghoul 2 claws Igor for 9, 11, and fails to grab him. It claws with rear claws for miss and 10.
Veracity cheers
Yol steps up to Igor. She casts cure critical on Igor for 27.
Tebryn cheers
Khumar delays
Igor strikes Abyssal Ghoul 1 for 32 points. Hazen takes the opportunity to stab it for 13 points. It falls.Igor attacks Abyssal Ghoul 2 and misses, misses, and hits for 33 points.
Brianna sings.
Kress attacks Abyssal Ghoul 2 and hits for 17 points. Igor takes the opportunity to hit it for 33 points. It falls.

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