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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 33 - Heavy Patrol


Yol fills a spell slot with a commune spell. We discuss questions.

Yol casts commune and starts asking questions.

1) Does the dream we shared have the same significance for all of us?

2) Should we trust this dream?

3) Has the victory happened yet?

4) Is the victory over Irae?

5) Are the stairs in the castle complex?

6) Are the stairs up to the plateau with the Temple of Lolth?

7) Is there anything on the plateau which would make our quest vs. Irae significantly easier for us?

8) Is there anything on the lower levels of the castle which would make our quest vs. Irae significantly easier for us?

9) Is what we seek at the top of the stairs something we've already heard about?

10) Is the Balor specifically guarding us from what we seek on the plateau?

Tebryn casts analyze dweomer.

1) carpet of flying (3 ft. by 5 ft.) 2) bracers of armor +4 3) ring of wizardry I 4) short sword +3 5) +2 mithral shadow breastplate 6) huge +1 flaming greatsword 7) +2 unholy greatsword 8) gauntlets of ogre power 9) demon armor: +4 full plate 10) +1 spellstoring halberd 11) +2 breastplate 12) ring of protection +2 13) +1 mighty (+3 strength bonus) composite longbow 14) +1 siangham 15) +1 siangham 16) ring of protection +1 17) ring of protection +1 18) bracers of armor +3 19) bracers of armor +3

Yol uses her Poisoncraft to look at the poisons from the revenants.

2 doses of Deathblade poison 7 doses of drow poison

People express interest in various items:

Hazen: +3 short sword
Yol: Ring of Wizardry I, gauntlets of ogre power
Veracity: flying carpet

Brianna casts cure moderate on Kress for 15.

The fighters arrange Khumarr's shell to look like he'd slain the entire Heavy Patrol and was slain in turn.

We leave the basement and find another basement to use as our new hideout.

"What are we veiling as today, sister?" says Tebryn.

We agree on:

Drow Cleric of Kiaransalee for Veracity
Drow Ranger for Brianna
Drow Ranger for Tebryn
Abyssal Ghoul for Igor - especially large with an especially long tongue
Abyssal Ghoul for Kress
Abyssal Ghoul for Hazen
Abyssal Ghoul for Yol dripping blood from claws and teeth
Khumar is himself as his old corporeal self.

We encounter another Heavy Patrol.

Veracity 27 Yol 26 Khumarr 20 Kress 16 Brianna 13 Hazen 12 Igor 12 Tebryn 12

"Hey! She send out another bunch! Go get 'em!" calls a Fire Giant. The Hezrou grunts his assent.

Veracity casts haste on her entire party.
Yol delays
Khumarr delays
Ogre 1 moves up 40 feet.
Kress moves up 40 feet to stap in front of Igor, drawing his axe
Brianna sings
Ogre 2 moves up 40 feet.
Hazen moves up 40 feet in front of Veracity, drawing his new short sword
Igor moves 5 feet and draws his greatsword
Tebryn sends a chain lightning at the Hezrou, for no effect, but it arcs to the two Fire Giants and Ogre 3 for 33 points (Ref DC 24 for half). The Fire Giants take it all on the chin and the Ogre falls over, dead.
Yol orders Khumarr to attack the Hezrou.
Khumarr flies 105 feet to engage the demon.
Hezrou tries something and fails
Fire Giant 1 moves forward 30 feet.
Fire Giant 2 moves forward 30 feet.

Veracity casts mirror image and moves up to Ogre 2, drawing her swords
Ogre 1 shuffles around in a strange dance
Kress moves to flank Ogre 2. Ogre 1 and Ogre 2 take the opportunity to miss Kress. Kress hits it for 16 points. Hazen takes the opportunity to hit it for 29. It falls.
Brianna's singing takes effect
Hazen moves to attack Ogre 2, who takes the opportunity to miss him. Hazen stabs Ogre 2 for 10 points.
Igor moves to flank Ogre 2. He hits it for 64 points. He slices it down the middle.
Tebryn summons an ice storm to pummel the two Fire Giants for 15 points of physical and 9 points of cold damage each.
Yol moves up and casts prayer.
Khumarr touches the Hezrou twice, bestowing four negative levels upon the poor demon.
The Hezrou casts chaos hammer against Khumarr, dealing 17 points of damage and suppressing his haste temporarily.The hezrou moves forward 30 feet. Khumarr touches him in the back as he retreats and bestows another two negative levels.
Fire Giant 1 moves out of the ice storm
Fire Giant 2 moves out of the ice storm

Veracity approaches Fire Giant 1. It pops an image. She swings the Sword of Kas at it for 9 points.
Kress moves up to the Hezrou, provoking attacks from Fire Giant 2 for 28 points and the Hezrou who bites completely ineffectively. Kress strikes the Hezrou with a critical for 73-10 points.
Brianna continues to sing.
Hazen flies up to flank Fire Giant 1. He stabs it for 44 points.
Igor moves to Cleave position and strikes Fire Giant 1 for 37 points. It falls. He cleaves through to strike Fire Giant 2 for 61 points. It falls over, dead.
Tebryn sends five magic missiles into the Hezrou for 16 points.
Yol delays
Khumarr flies up to the Hezrou and touches him, bestowing 2 negative levels upon the demon.
The Hezrou attempts a greater teleport He cannot concentrate anough to cast defensively, so he provokes Kress to strike him for 25-10 points of damage. Khumarr touches him and bestows another 2 negative levels upon him. The demon falls.

We find a new basement.

"Good job, Khumarr," says Yol. "You did very well, my boy."

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