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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 32 - Into Castle Maerimydra

Tebryn's notes

We stop a block away from the castle.

A plateau nearly 100 feet high rises. A steep staircase rises up to its gate.

Bunches of fires with groups of goblins, ogres, and giants cover the plain in front.

We decide to scout the sides. First, to the right, since Hazen opines that it might be less guarded.

Hazen, Igor and Tebryn go invisible and fly and go to scout the exterior of the castle. The others move into a block of ruins and hide.

We fly up about 30 feet and approach the stairs. We fly up the stairs to the top of the plateau.

Castle Maerimydra was the home of House Chûmavh before the fall of the city. Seven floors. Housed hundreds of drow. Three basic structures: Great tower (100 feet in diameter at base, 60 feet at top, near roof of cavern), lesser tower (60 feet in diameter at base, 50 feet at top). Joined at bottom two floors, but separate above that, with 3 narrow bridges crossing above. South column is a giant stalactite. Lowest level is at level 5, rises up and widens, to level 7.

On top of the plateau, in front of the castle, a grand staircase sweeps up and around to the main gate on level 2.

On the east side, facing the cavern wall, stands a postern gate.

There are windows in the sides.

We fly up a bit and examine the outside. After getting up about 50 feet, we see three flying vrocks, still higher. We see the cross bridges, with landings and doors.

On level five of the south column, there are six windows wide enough to enter easily, but they are barred. Hazen peeks in and sees nothing.

There is a connection between the south column and the lesser tower at level 6.

There is another great stalactite adjacent to the castle's south column with an enclosed walkway to the south column at level 7.

Veracity casts fly on herself (110 minutes) and from her wand on herself, Brianna, and Yol. (50 minutes) Brianna casts invisibility on herself, Yol, and Kress (30 minutes).

We fly to the plateau. Veracity and Igor fly up to the windows to attempt to carve out some bars using their longtooth daggers.

Kress 24 Yol 23 Brianna 23 Igor 21 Hazen 15 Veracity 11 Tebryn 10

Igor starts cutting through the stone above one of the bars. One of the vrocks flies overhead. Veracity starts cutting through the stone above one of the bars. Another of the vrocks flies overhead. The third vrock flies within thirty feet. It looks quizzically in our direction and flies slowly past.

Igor pauses. Vrock 1 continues flying above. Veracity pauses. Vrock 2 pauses. Vrock 3 focuses his eyes on the two of us. He calls out in Abyssal "Over here! A couple of invisible creatures trying to get in! This is wierd! A Hezrou and a Fire Giant!"

Veracity (looking like a Hezrou) says in Abyssal "We found a way in! Go guard the main gate and make sure we aren't interrupted!"

The Vrock gulps and says "OK! Let's go, fellows!" The vrocks fly off.

The two invaders continue cutting and successfully remove the bars.

We look in and see a spiral staircase leading up. The room looks like an upside down turret.

We fly down to the others.

"Let's go!" says Veracity. "The password is 'Istava morthaum'"

Everybody flies up. The drow have no problems and the non-native speakers manage to make say it well enough as well.

"This looks like an observation hall," says Tebryn. "You could see things all over the city from here - if it weren't for all that smoke!"

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