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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 32 - The Balor

Veracity's notes

In the morning, the boys cook breakfast for the Women and make us mushroom cookies for snacks later - while we superior sex pray and memorize our spells. Veracity takes out her godstone and casts Stoneskin on herself as we prepare for our march up the stairs to the plateau again.

Everyone is at full by now - except Kress - who whimpers pathetically about his vulnerability and wants to be in the back of the line as we march out. Veracity is benevolent and indulges her pets. ;-)

So Veracity leads as the Frog Demon. And Yol becomes a very, very, very smelly Ogre, but that's okay, cause Hazen is just about as smelly as Yol is - naturally - without spell enhancement. So they both should feel a bond of Olfactory Comradeship during today's adventures. ;-)

And off we go: 1 Frog Demon, 2 Fire Giants, 4 Ogres.

Veracity notices a heavy patrol in the distance. She tells Tebryn and he, very prudently, suggests we take a side street, not blazon it out, just in case.

"Gosh we getting cautious these days. And about time!" Veracity thinks, "My leadership is really starting to have a positive influence..." Veracity smiles smugly to herself.

Then Veracity spies a Flaming Critter ahead of us on the stairs, "Oh, oh, probably the Balor," and the smug smile fades from her lips. She grinds her teeth and takes out her godstone, ready to cast an Energy Drain on the Balor if it "so much as touches, so much as threatens, even SUGGESTS anything harmful towards my love...!!"

Brianna approaches cautiously, with Veracity nearby and ready!

Brianna opens by praising the Balor and speaks to it in Abyssal. "You are great indeed! There is much destruction here - very good! I admire the work you have done! You have served Kurgoth well, but he is dead now, we have defeated him."

The Balor seems to take this last part badly. Veracity steels herself for what might transpire!

But the Balor remains calm as Brianna continues, "However the future expands before you! You might enjoy staying here and ally with us - OR - if you were counting on Kurgoth to send you home - then WE can do that for you. It is up to you - we have no grudge against you yourself."

The Balor doesn't even blink. As if it cares not a fig one way or the other, it replies in Brianna's head and she hears it say, "I will let you live today. Do not come back HERE."

We discuss this as we make our way back down the stairs and decide it does not want us on the plateau and this peaks our interest as to what might be up there that the Balor wants for itself - or wants to protect against us??

...end of my notes... you will have to add the rest and if you want, I'll add some special dialog of Veracity's to it...for spice...

Tebryn's notes

We wake up. We learn spells.

Veracity casts stoneskin from her godstone.

We veil as a Heavy Patrol (Veracity as frog demon) and set out, walking down the road like we own it.

In the distance, we see another Heavy Patrol. We authoritatively go down a side street. We glance back and see them wave at us.

We approach the stairs. Off in the distance, we see something glowing on the stairs. It is consistent with a flaming body, such as the Balor.

Veracity pulls out her godstone and clutches it in her hand. Tebryn buffs up with fox's cunning, Yol casts bear's endurance and death word, and Brianna moves boldly to the front of the party and stands next to Veracity.

Yol 22 Veracity 20 Hazen 18 Tebryn 17 Brianna 16 Igor 10 Kress 8

Brianna says, in effect: "Speak to us. We have slain Kurgoth Hellspawn. Your job in this city is over, since the leader of the army you are allied with is dead. Soon, the rest of his army will be dead. You did a fine job of destruction here in Maerimydra. Would you like to return to the Abyss? We will be happy to send you home."

He does not like it when she mentions defeating Kurgoth.

In her head, she hears: "I will let you live today. Go away and do not come back here."

Brianna relays this message.

"Fine with me," says Hazen. "It doesn't look so good here now that we are close."

We back off and discuss going back to "get it". Hazen, Kress, and Igor are all in favor of going away and leaving standing demons alone.

Igor says: "Our goal is to kill the priestess so that we can go home!"

Veracity says: "But, our plans have expanded. We need to send this away, since this city is here, ripe for the plucking!"

Igor: "First things first."

Tebryn says "but think of the prestige, should we succeed in sending it away from here!"

Kress and Hazen completely wimp out and demand that we go straight to the castle. We march boldly back along the main street, just as if we own it.

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