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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 30 - Planning and Scouting

Veracity's notes

Day 30 in Drowland. 12-2-04

Laying low until morning, when we can re-Veil. Veracity takes Yol aside...

"Psst, Yol, Dear..."

Yol: "It is not necessary to use endearments. Just 'Yol' will do."

Veracity: to herself, "Okay..." To Yol, "Yo! Yol!"

Yol: "Yes...what is it?"

Veracity: "Could we have a private, little talk, over here in this corner...?"

Yol: "Well... sure, if that's what you want..."

Veracity: "Since we've been here, I can't help but notice the twinkle in your eye."

Yol, "Well, this IS a very wholesome environment."

Veracity: "This might make a nice summer home for you and winter home for me... After the adventure, we could stay on here a while and help these people reorganize their society... - around us!"

Yol: "I kinda like it just the way it is..."

Veracity: "You could be the Priestess of Death."

Yol: "They have a Priestess already."

Veracity: "Yeah, but we are getting rid of her! So there will be an opening... I could be Queen and you could be Priestess!"

Yol: "Hmnnnn....?"

Veracity, "We could each have a nice villa up there on that plateau. 'Course I couldn't live here all year. I think that would depress Brianna. But it might be nice to live here part of the year... Think about it, Yol!"

Yol, "I will...I will think on that.."

Veracity: "Cause we women are on top here!"

Yol: "Yes! As it should be!"

Tebryn suggests to Veracity sending Igor and Hazen flying out, invisible, to scout the Fire Giant Captain's. Veracity objects to sending any nonDrow out without a Drow escort. She doesn't perhaps trust the wisdom of Hazen after he got us into battle with a Mind Flayer over a field of mushrooms... But she doesn't come out and say this. Instead, she concentrates on the need for "back-up" and "native guidance." Tebryn finally sees the sense of this and agrees to escort them, also invisible and flying himself.

Veracity and Brianna cuddle together and make themselves comfortable while the boys are out reconnoitering. :-)

We ask them what they discovered? Tebryn: "We saw Kurg sitting the stands of the coliseum, cheering for elephants over Ogres."

Hazen: "We found his private quarters and FOUR treasures."

Veracity: "Four treasures?!! Did you bring them back?"

Hazen: "Of course not, we wouldn't steal from Kurg's private stores...!!"

Veracity does a Sense Motive and can tell that Hazen is putting on an air of feigned innocence.

Veracity questions Igor who reluctantly admits that the boy-scouts brought all the treasure back.

We go over the look together in our basement, away from the Drow at the Inn.

Tebryn reports that Kurg is surrounded by Ogres. Perhaps Veracity might do Mass Suggestion of some kind of them to get them to fight among themselves. We debate how to get rid of the Ogres. Veracity asks about just poisoning their food. But we discard that, in case they don't all eat at the same time. Veracity suggests, then, that we disguise ourselves as Fire Giants and aggravate the Ogres, then Mass Suggestion to get them to fight among themselves."

Yol suggests doing a Feast of Heroism for us to fortify us in battle. We resolve to take out Kurg on our own - to help ourselves and our fellow Drow. Do we need to be invisible first?" Igor speaks out in favor of Fire Balls! Tebryn says not to cast any spells among them, but to just do Mass Suggestion, so as not to alert them too soon that Mages are present. Igor has an unusually bright suggestion to attack Kurg at night, when he is sleeping in his own quarters. We debate this.

Yol points our Dimension Doors can take others with us. I could take 3 medium humanoids with me and Yol could take 2. "We can go invisible, Veil as Fire Giants, and fly. We can seek out Ogres and Mass Suggest them and/or Fire Ball them and Haste ourselves and I can do Stone Skin... We can do any combo as the situation requires.

But what about Giants throwing rocks and what about Vrocks...??" says Tebryn. Now Tebryn suggests the Fire Giants battle among themselves and he takes out the Ogres himself. Veracity suggests suggesting the Ogres attack the Fire Giants. Tebryn likes that!

Me and Biranna give Snookypoo-Munchykins a peck on the cheek, for being so brillant about attacking Kurg alone in his rooms, if possible, then we go off and cuddle on our own. Hazen eggs on Igor to go after us, calling Igor "Honeykins.." etc and saying, "I think she needs a real man!" But Igor declines, saying "even a 'Sugarwart' is still a Wart! So I don't think I'm going to get lucky :-("

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