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The City of the Spider Queen - Day 29 - Arrival at Maerimydra

Veracity's notes

Veracity, Brianna, Tebryn, Yol, Igor, Hazen and Kress - In the City of Maerimyda, need to find the Undying Temple and the Castle and destroy the cult.

On Day 29, we have finally reached Maerimydra: our destination. Our goal is to find Irae T'sarran, the high priestess of Kiaransalee, within the Undying Temple - an "undead artifact construct" - and keep her from casting her "Great Revenance".

"The Undying Temple is an undead artifact construct of Kiaransalee... It's a tower surrounding a sphere of eternal blackness. The Undying Temple can cast many spells per day, with great potency."

"The Great Revenance is a new spell being researched by my mother guided by Kiaransalee's divine whispers which, in conjunction with the potent negative energies of the temple, will simultaneously animate into revanants the thousands of fallen drow, goblins, ogres, and giants in and around Maerimydra into a single horde under her command."

Veracity whispers to Tebryn as we approach the Fire Gaint guards: "You do the talking..."diplomacy" okay?"

Tebryn, "Yup, good plan."

Veracity to the others: "Shush now. Let's not make trouble. We went to a lot of trouble to get the password...let's talk our way through, *if we can*..." To Igor, "honey."

We are coming around the bend in single file. Tebryn, "The Fire Giant" pushes his way into the lead.

Giants, "Who goes there?"

Tebryn, "It is I, Frontron, returning from our mission."

Giants, "What is the password?"

Tebryn, "Amaze!"

Giants, "Ah yes, Kirgoth has asked about you. He wants you to report to him immediately. He is at his headquarters. Er... if you don't mind me asking...What's with the white lights you're carrying and what happend to your munchkins?"

Tebryn, "We got them off a band of fleeing Drow... had a battle, defeated them, but the munchkins were killed off..."

Giants, "Well, I'm sure they came in handy."

Now we are marching through the gate with Igor grunting like an Ogre which is strange, since he looks like a Vrock.

We see: Dust and smoke hang heavily in the air, but for a brief moment the clouds part and we see, in contrast to darkness, alight with fire and extended field of fungus, campfires scatered, mostly by a large oval structure 1/2 mile away, larger fires burn in a wing along a towering fortress of dark elegance. The castle rises from a steep plateau. Massive stalagtites. Faerie Fire. Opposite castle - squat building like stone spider - lit by soft globes and heavily damaged. Figures move around a camp at side of road leading to city. Far above ceiling shrouded in smoke - fires burning overhead and flashes of burning light and thick clouds descend to obscure city.

City: once 11,000 residents - half Drow ad half Slaves, 4 miles below surface, from n to S 3/4 wide, 1/2 mile E to W. NW is plateau homes of superior Drow overlooking city. Lake in a large depression. As we approach, pass through mazelike network of caverns... fungi and lichen as food, some Drow refugees shelter there. Buildings are mix of standing buildings and shells, bodies of Drow and Goblins lie unburied, smoldering wreckage. Personal belongings scattered about, broken and ruined. Basements abound - hiding places and cover in abundance. Present light is about as bright as moonlight. (The surface above is known as Shadowdale, though no direct tunnels to and from.) Most streets are clear, 50 ft wide and long, but greatest risk of detection. Any character more than 100 ft. above ground has trouble seeing because of thick smoke.

It's late afternoon. Tebryn the Fire Giant leads, followed by Igor the Vrock... We go straight, then off to the left to find/make camp in shelter. We see a large Inn. Upper story destroyed by fire. Lower story intact. We find an empty basement in an adjacent block and regroup and camp for the night. Day 30. We decide to start our day as Drow Refugees..same sexes... Yol will be a pubescent teen Drow with acne. When we wake this morning, before we veil... Spot checks. Some see distortion like on a hot day, but more subtle and there's no obvious heat source. Spellcraft check, Tebryn, believes there is something that interacts with magic around us. Yol feels tingly. Veracity interprets this as "sexy." Igor says he's not interested in Yol in that way. He says, "Sorry, I'm holding out for Veracity or Brianna." None of the women respond to this.

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