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Wish Power List


(Copyright 1992 Ryk Erik Spoor [Sea Wasp])

This is the list of Wishes and their attendant power levels. For the most part, there is not a HUGE difference between Wishes that are next to each other; i.e., a Wish 2 is not all that different from a Wish 1, and a Wish 19 is just about as good as a Wish 20. The "Granted Power" listings are examples of things that would basically be automatically granted to the Wisher unless he just HORRIBLY botched the Wish, or unless the Granting Power was directly opposed to the Wisher; i.e., things WELL within the power of that Wish. Well worded Wishes, or Wishes backed by a Power who really wants to grant you what you Wish for, can reach into the NEXT power level, and superlative wording and good luck might even allow one to reach TWO levels higher.

The "AD&D equivalent" column denotes what spell in that game system is considered the same as that Wish Level for most purposes; this assumes that a more powerful caster can get more Bang for the Buck (that is, a Wish spell by a 45th level mage can kick butt on a Wish by an 18th level). These are written as "Spell name(caster level)", as in Wish(24th).

Wish Power List
Wish Level AD&D Equivalent Granted Power
Wish 1 Limited Wish(14th), Alter Reality(14th) Healing, increased hit chances, increased spell durations, ranges, minor information
Wish 2 LW(17th), AR(17th) As above, but more potent
Wish 3 LW(20), AR(20th) Ditto
Wish 4 Wish(18th), AR(24th) Resurrection of the recently dead; transportation to desired location; moderate material gains; transporting desired (unprotected) people/objects to caster; create one-use, not permanent effect, magic (potions, scrolls); summon low-level multiuse or permanent magic if not protected. can raise one stat permanently by up to a point if not yet at racial maximum; if already at racial max, adds 10% of one point.
Wish 5 Wish(23rd), AR(27th) As above, slightly more powerful
Wish 6 Wish(26th), AR(30th) ditto
Wish 7 Wish(28th), AR(33rd) Ditto, but can now create minor permanent effect items (potion of longevity); monetary gains can be higher; can bypass very minor protective magic while getting more powerful items; create permanent ordinary objects on the order of a mansion (furnished in moderate expense).
Wish 8 Wish(30th), AR(36th),Djinn/efreet Wishes As above, again, more powerful; can permanize magical effects, even ones not supposed to be permanent, and there is no constitution loss for so doing; can raise any one stat one point even if beyond racial max, or a non-maxed stat by two, or any two non maxed by one. The dead can be raised even if dead for more than one year (but less than ten).
Wish 9 Wish(32nd), AR(38th) As above, more so
Wish 10 Wish(34th), AR(40th), powerful Djinn/Efreet, Major Demon/Devils, minor gods Major monetary gains; Create permanent items of low to moderate power (+1 swords, mithril blades, Ring of Faerie) make permanent protections of different sort than spells make easy, create ordinary items on the order of a small village (complete with fields, wells, roads, etc.); create intelligence within an item (starts at int=9).
Wish 11 Wish(35th), AR(42nd) As above, more...
Wish 12 Wish(36th), AR(44th) ditto
Wish 13 Wish(37th), AR(45th) Money? Sure mac. You got it. Create magical items of +2 or so; summon even fairly well protected items. create intelligent +1 item (powers are additional or random...); Create ordinary area equal to a larger town, or make a single dwelling that is dimensionally separate, etc... Create life of vegetable level or insects.
Wish 14 Wish(38th), medium gods As above...
Wish 15 Wish(39th) Create +3 items. Summon virtually anything no matter how it's protected. Create major cities or a small dimensionally separate village; Move a mountain. Create moderate items (Ring of Regen, Ring of Protection +2); create life at fish, reptile level. Repair any damaged soul fully.
Wish 16 Wish(43rd) Create slightly more powerful items (Ring of Prot +3); create life on avian and mammal levels (not with intelligence, though); create an entire country the size of Rhode Island, or move a small mountain range.
Wish 17 Wish(45th), bigger gods Create +4 items; Create +3 with own intellect, +2 with intelligence and desired powers. Create intelligent life; Make a country dimensionally separate (Ravenloft, anyone?); travel anywhere in time or space unless prevented by greater power; make major magical items (Staff of the Magi). Create a country the size of Texas. Create souls. Raise dead no matter how long they've been gone.
Wish 18 Wish(60th), Major Gods Create +5 items; make multiple lesser items. Blow up a planet, move a continent, create a continent.
Wish 19 Wish(100th), Gods who are a notch below the Creator. Create "ordinary" artifacts; create planets. Make countries already with populations. Make intelligent species that never existed before, with all special abilities thereunto pertaining; destroy or create stellar systems.
Wish 20 Direct Divine power, from deities who are either Creator level or damn close; if the Deity in question can't bench-press galaxies, he can't do a Wish 20. Just about anything you want.

There you have it!

Sea Wasp


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