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Domain Wizards

The arcane domain system give wizards a little extra oomph. A domain wizard selects a specific arcane domain of spells, much as a cleric selects two domains. Doing so gives her several benefits.

  1. As soon as the wizard is able to cast a domain spell, she adds it to her spell list. This does not count against the two spells known per wizard level.
  2. Every day, the wizard gets one bonus spell per spell level which must be filled with the specific spell of that level from her domain list, or a lower one from the same list augmented with metamagic.
  3. Whenever the wizard casts one of the spells on her domain list, whether prepared as a domain spell or normally, she casts it as a wizard one level higher than normal.

There is no downside: the wizard gives up nothing to be a domain wizard. She will not be as powerfully focused as a specialist (who cannot also be a domain wizard), but she has no prohibited schools.

Therefore, this variant rule boosts the power of wizards. We're going to try it out in Dargas. We had several specialist wizards under 3.0 who were completely unable to continue as specialists in 3.5, since the requirements become much more burdensome and many spells were shuffled to new schools. These wizards will be able to regain some of their "specialist" flavor, using this rule.

Arcane Domains
Domain Domain Spells
Abjuration 0—resistance; 1—shield; 2—resist energy; 3—dispel magic; 4—remove curse; 5—Mordenkainen's private sanctum; 6—greater dispel magic; 7—banishment; 8—mind blank; 9—prismatic sphere.
Antimagic 0—detect magic; 1—protection from chaos/evil/good/law; 2—obscure object; 3—dispel magic; 4—minor globe of invulnerability; 5—break enchantment; 6—antimagic field; 7—spell turning; 8—protection from spells; 9—Mordenkainen's disjunction.
Battle 0—daze; 1—true strike; 2—protection from arrows; 3—greater magic weapon; 4—fire shield; 5—Bigby's interposing hand; 6—Tenser's transformation; 7—power word blind; 8—moment of prescience; 9—time stop.
Cold 0—ray of frost; 1—chill touch; 2—chill metal (as 2nd-level druid spell); 3—sleet storm; 4—wall of ice; 5—cone of cold; 6—Otiluke's freezing sphere; 7—delayed blast frostball (as delayed blast fireball, but deals cold damage instead of fire damage); 8—polar ray; 9—comet swarm (as meteror swarm, but deals cold damage instead of fire damage).
Conjuration 0—acid splash; 1—mage armor; 2—web; 3—stinking cloud; 4—summon monster IV; 5—wall of stone; 6—acid fog; 7—summon monster VII; 8—maze; 9—gate.
Divination 0—detect magic; 1—detect secret doors; 2—see invisibility; 3—arcane sight; 4—arcane eye; 5—prying eyes; 6—true seeing; 7—greater arcane sight; 8—discern location; 9—foresight.
Enchantment 0—daze; 1—charm person; 2—Tasha's hideous laughter; 3—suggestion; 4—confusion; 5—hold monster; 6—greater heroism; 7—insanity; 8—mass charm monster; 9—dominate monster.
Evocation 0—light; 1—magic missile; 2—flaming sphere; 3—lightning bolt; 4—shout; 5—wall of force; 6—Bigby's forceful hand; 7—Mordenkainen's sword; 8—Otiluke's telekinetic screen; 9—Bigby's crushing hand.
Fire 0—flare; 1—burning hands; 2—scorching ray; 3—fireball; 4—wall of fire; 5—cone of fire (as cone of cold, but deals fire damage instead of cold damage); 6—summon monster VI (fire creatures only); 7—delayed blast fireball; 8—incendiary cloud; 9—meteor swarm.
Illusion 0—ghost sound; 1—disguise self; 2—invisibility; 3—major image; 4—phantasmal killer; 5—shadow evocation; 6—mislead; 7—mass invisibility; 8—scintillating patter; 9—shades.
Necromancy 0—disrupt undead; 1—ray of enfeeblement; 2—false life; 3—vampiric touch; 4—fear; 5—waves of fatigue; 6—circle of death; 7—control undead; 8—horrid wilting; 9—energy drain.
Storm 0—ray of frost; 1—obscuring mist (as 1st-level cleric spell); 2—gust of wind; 3—lightning bolt; 4—ice storm; 5—control winds (as 5th-level druid spell); 6—chain lightning; 7—control weather; 8—whirlwind (as 8th-level druid spell); 9—storm of vengeance (as 9th-level cleric spell).
Transmutation 0—mage hand; 1—expeditious retreat; 2—levitate; 3—haste; 4—polymorph; 5—baleful polymorph; 6—disintegrate; 7—reverse gravity; 8—iron body; 9—shapechange.

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