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Tumulo's Contract

Tumulo was not originally from Dargas: he was from another campaign, run by Ken Courtney, set in a world called Galeb Fargen.

In V2 AD&D, for a Fighter, the Reading/Writing proficiency took two slots. Since a Fighter got a proficiency every three levels, Tumulo started to learn to read & write at level 3 or 6 - and finished learning three levels later.

During this interim time, before he really had it down, he decided to make a contract and have all of his fellow adventurers sign it.

He wrote up his "Kontrak" and signed it, along with Leftaris, Max, and Igor. Under each signature, Tumulo drew a little picture to help him remember who had signed it. Leftaris, as a fighter, has metal armor. Tumulo, as a dwarf fighter, has a horned helmet and is smaller. And so on.

Later, during the first "Waubaushene Bash", Anthony's group joined with Ken's group for a multi-day adventure in Galeb Fargen, DMed by Ken. There, Tumulo pulled out his "Kontrak" and insisted that the new companions sign it: Elvira, Ivan, Trinket, Eris, and Tigerblade. Again, Tumulo drew pictures representing each companion. Trinket the halfling is tiny. Ivan is another dwarf, and Tigerblade is huge. Eris, as a druid, seems to be wielding a cat.

Still later, in subsequent "Waubaushene Bashes", Tunulo insisted that still other adventuring companions also sign: Nick, Vandis, Darien, and Granny. Again, Tumulo added little drawings, although not much space remained on his parchment,

A glossary of Tumuloese:

The "fightin' guy"
A character who uses melee or missile weapons to battle monsters: Fighters, Rangers, Paladins
The "healin' guy"
A character who can cast cure spells: Clerics and Druids.
The "cheatin' guy"
Anyone else: Thieves and Mages.
And, without further ado, here is the contract:

Tumulo's Kontrak

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