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Here's what Nadine has to say about Trinket:


Gender: Female
Race: Halfling
Class: Escape & Entry Artist, Handy with valuables.

General Appearance: Plain Jane of the Halfling world, doesn't stand out in a crowd. Ruddy tanned brown complexion, dark brown eyes and brown hair so dark it almost looks black. All good camouflage colors! Straight hair, cut in a short bob or whatever is typical of the local population, again so as to blend in. And I shave my chin everyday.

Tattoos: Certainly not! I don't want to draw attention to myself.

Outfitted: Local homespun-type cloth, loose fitting, in soft greens and browns, with very quiet brown suede boots and no jewelry to jangle. Though perhaps the occasional magic ring or two and sometimes bracers.

Short description of personality: I worked hard all my life not to be noticed, for er..."professional reasons." Then I met Alphonzo! The cleverest, most talented, most gorgeous Halfling I'd ever known! And how was I going to get him to notice me? By tagging along on adventures, that's how. I kept looking for an opportunity to save him, rescue him, impress him, but it always seemed that he had to rescue me. At first, I didn't get along terribly well with the rest of the party, especially the dwarves, which was strange.

Dwarves normally like me, but those bone-headed fighter guys didn't approve of my smart ways of acquiring things, especially from after they fell unconscious in battle. I mean what was an unconscious, magic-fearing Dwarf going to do with a fully charged wand anyway? And then there was the time Zeight died in battle - DIED mind you - and I used his nice large, well-armed carcass as a shield while calling up an Earth Elemental. Made it harder to "bring him back" later - he complained - cause his poor body was so badly chewed up by our enemies. But, "Sacrifice for the Common Good," that's what I say. And, of course, only those who want to be sacrificed should become fighters. Me, I'm the "Common Good."

By the way, Alphonzo did eventually propose to me, after a few dozen adventures and lots of shared wealth between us. And we now have two lovely Halfling children, a boy named Darg and a girl named Darla. They are both quite curious and nimble! I'm home training them now.

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