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Here's what Nadine has to say about Squint:


Gender: Male
Race : Dwarf
Class: Brave Fighter

General Appearance: Brawny! I have glistening bronzed biceps, always in the peak of condition. Human folk call my hair, "light brown" but, for a dwarf, it is "blond." My eyes are a very, very deep shade of blue, that almost look black. My hair and beard are blond and thick and get a little wild during adventures. But I promptly have myself groomed and buffed when I get home. I don't favor braiding. But a few ponytails are quite fine.

Tattoos: We fighters earn our markings and they are called, "scars." I have plenty. But none on my back!

Outfitted: I wear armor. Plate mail. The best I can get. It doesn't last long. I have to keep replacing it. Armor hasn't been crafted yet that will hold up to all the intense, no-holds-barred battles that I get into! I have a modest, but very worthy collection of swords. Long swords even! Some two-handed! Not that I would necessarily need two hands to wield a long sword effectively... My boots are leather with thick fur lining. I sometimes wear a helmet. But I don't cotton to those suspicious flaky "magic helmets." Noooo way!! But a magic shield...well, maybe, just on occasion, for the right battle.

Short description of personality: I'm the bravest, strongest, most chivalrous Dwarf in all the lands! I'll never let a female creature of any kind fight my battles for me! And I'm not sure I want them girls alongside me in battle either... Strong or not, female folk should not be meddling with monsters. It's too dangerous for them. Yup, female folk can't face danger the way we male folk can. They don't have the same blood-lust, stamina and tenacity. They quit when the monsters are on the run. What I say is, "if you start a battle, finish it." Finish them all, especially if they're Orcs! Though I suppose I might let a female monster surrender and live, if she wasn't an Orc, and if she was really, really sorry for being so mean and promised to go home and mend clothing or something for the rest of her life.

I have to tell you, though, I have had to adventure with all kinds. Not Orcs! But with almost all other two-legged kinds of adventurers, male and female. Sometimes in this business you have to put your feelings aside. You still do what's right! You still fight your bravest and give the gals a break. But you learn to get along and put up, even with some pretty shaky fellows. There's this Nick guy, for example. Full-Human, supposedly, and that's okay. But I hear he's related to Elves and I don't mean the good kind! His "sister" is a really nasty piece of goods. I don't adventure with her at all! And Nick is only marginally acceptable. Dresses like a ghoul! But an expensive ghoul. Sneaks around. Has the kind of smile you can't trust. And... he casts Spells! Maybe even evil spells and things to do with death, for all I know. I have my suspicions.... But, being, a straight honest fighter guy myself, I can't tell for sure... I'll tell you one thing, though. I don't like to hear Nick mumbling behind my back. If you ever see any scars on my back, ask Nick where they came from. He'll lie. But we'll know the truth!

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