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Here's what Nadine has to say about Malarky:


Gender: Male
Race: Gnome
Class: Illusionist Wizard

General Appearance: Young and robust with rosy cheeks and tanned complexion from working outside, glossy brown hair that curls ever so softly and falls to shoulder length, generous laughing lips, stunning large sex-magnet nose, and sapphire blue eyes that always glint with a mischievous sparkle!

Outfitted: Varying pretty things worn on different days and different adventures, but might be seen wearing: (non-magic) a purple silk vest with gold fringe and gold buttons with bee design, a baby blue or lavender silk shirt, soft black trousers, a felt hat with a purple feather, smooth black leather boots, a necklace with a pendant of polished glass, a bronzed bee lucky charm (hooked to vest and dangling from a short chain), a set of gold and silver keys, and (magic) various magic rings that may or may not be detected by others.

Short description of personality: I may be short, but I'm tall on charisma! Female creatures of all kinds adore me, especially Druids ;-) I have a special way with the ladies because I share their love of sweet & pretty things. I began life as a Bee-Keeper and became acclaimed locally for my special brand of Lavender Honey. I first started traveling as a way to expand my honey business. Being an Illusionist really got people's attention. I was able to conjure images that capture the imagination and trigger the sweet tooth. I won lots of buyers, but traveling alone was dangerous. I soon realized I would need to join forces with a brave and loyal party for our mutual protection...and our mutual fun!

Not that everyone I've met has been fun to adventure with. There was this evil greedy Halfling, named Alphonzo, who didn't approve of casting spells for a lark... And that same idiot wanted to sell off a whole bag of pretty things for mere money, just because they weren't "useful" things. Imagine! How crass! Hey. "Beauty is its own excuse for being!!" That's my motto. So I continued to adventure for many years, even going into dark creepy places, in order to rescue Beauty from darkness!

While I'm out adventuring, I have a special enchanted being who guards my keep. Her name is Eris II and I formed her from pink marble. Some people call her a golem, but I call her, "My Love." She is an exact replica of a past, human love...the beautiful but capricious Eris I.

Malarky has been involved in many exciting adventures. He was on the first expedition to The School of Nekros. He was a founding member of The Society of the Moon. And, of course, the story of Malarky & Eris is an adventure in and of itself...

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