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Chondara, human mage and priestess of Isis.


Chondara is a human female, 5′10″ tall, weighing 125 pounds. She has a swarthy complexion and her black eyes gaze at you calmly and penetratingly. She wears her thick black hair in a single braid. She usually wears a skirt and an embroidered blouse and will be decked in jewelry with an Aegyptian theme. She prominently displays the holy symbol of Isis: an eye with a teardrop.


Kind hearted, good natured, and generous. She smiles easily. She's completely and utterly self confident. The word "bossy" might also come to mind: she knows she's good and expects people to listen to her and follow her suggestions. She is completely intolerant of blatant evil. She's a zealous follower of Isis who feels called to spread the worship of her goddess.

Friends and Allies

Good people like Squint, Vandis, Tigerblade, and Elvira. Her fellow members of the Society of the Moon: Veracity and Malarky.

People she doesn't like



Chondara was born on 2957. in the distant land of Magyarföld, more than a month's journey from Mansfield. She is an orphan who grew up in the temple of Isis, the Goddess of Magic, Marriage, and Motherhood. The temple counted itself very lucky to have this unusually talented child under its care and thoroughly indoctrinated her into the cult of Isis, training her in both arcane and divine magic, exposing her to all the rites of the goddess, and finally initiating her into the priesthood of Isis at age seventeen.

Chondara felt called to the life of a missionary: to spread the cult of Isis amongst those who had not heard of her Goddess. She determined to travel to the distant land of Anglia to establish a temple to Isis in that city. Her High Priestess pointed out that such missions usually fell to more experienced clerics, but seeing that Chondara was both determined and extremely capable, sent her to Mansfield with the Blessing of Isis.

Before Chondara arrived in Mansfield, there were no temples to that goddess there, as the predominant pantheon is Norse, although there were small temples to Bast and Thoth. Every time Chondara gains a new level of clerical spells, she travels back to her mother temple for additional training.

As a missionary, she has learned the languages of all the common demi-human races. Thus, she speaks Common, Elvish, Dwarven, Halfling, and Gnome, as well as Celestial, for use in High Liturgy.

Isis is the Goddess of Magic; Chondara is skilled with, and fascinated by magic, both arcane and divine. She is drawn to arcane spell casters.

Isis is the Goddess of Marriage; all followers of Isis should marry. All clergy must marry. Chondara is married to a devout follower of Isis that she met in Mansfield. She probably converted him herself...

Isis is the Goddess of Motherhood; followers of Isis are likely to be fertile. The clergy must have children, if they are fertile. Chondara retired from adventuring eight years ago when she became pregnant with her first child. She is now running her temple, tending to her flock, and raising her family. This happened a little earlier than she'd been planning: she'd hoped to reach the ninth level of clerical ability first, but "if you want to make the Gods laugh, tell them your plans."

Interesting or unusual achievements

Was part of the School of Nekros rescue expedition and is thus a founding member of the Society of the Moon.

Survived, when Tigerblade drank a Philter of Madness and attacked her in a berserk frenzy. "The girl who lived."

Adventured with Vandis on his very first adventure as a priest of Shina-Tsu-Hiko, acquiring, with him, a boon from the Pegasus Starwind.

Traveled with Elvira, Ivan, and Tigerblade to the outer plane of Olympus in order to summon a familiar (during the period when Elvira had been Alignment-Reversed and was thus Chaotic Good). Elvira and Chondara each summoned a pseudo-dragon. Chondara's familiar is named Éva.

Chondara's Adventures
Date A# Chondara's Companions Notes
2974. A218 Silsliv, Black Star, Hitch, Lygeia, Yol
The Standing Stones of Sundown (Dungeon 25)
2974. A219 Tinsch, Abdullah, Mr. Wuhr, Lygeia, Hitch
The Inheritance (Dungeon 26)
2974. A222 Roethan, Lygeia, Hitch
Bear (Lairs I 37)
2974. A223 Roethan, Lygeia, Hitch
Bear (Lairs I 37)
2975. A226 Elvira Munçid, Nick, Eris, Tigerblade, Lygeia, Trinket, Zeight, Ivan, Silsliv, Veracity
School of Nekros (Dungeon 27) - Rescue
2976. A236 Elvira Munçid, Tigerblade, Ivan, Sperling, Piuva, Ebag
Trip to Olympus
Elvira gets Sung Wen and Chondara gets Éva.
2976. A236.5 Elvira Munçid, Tigerblade, Sperling, Lygeia
Beholder (Lairs II 47)
2977. A243 Box, Ivan, Nick
Rogue Elephant (Dungeon 34)
2977. A248 Sperling, Tidalis, Yol
Is There an Elf in the House? (Dungeon 32)
2977. A253 Yol, Charly, Granny, Michelle, Squint
Ogmah's Library (Dungeon 29)
2980. A269 Granny, Box, Vandis
Pegasi (Lairs II 58)
2985. A317 Box, Granny, Veracity, Sneeje, Squint
By Spell Bound
2985. A318 Veracity, Sneeje, Squint
Armor? What Armor? & Snake Underfoot
2985. A321 Hazen, Kress, Yol, Veracity
The ruined castle's crypt

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